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Here's a few quotes from the guestbook: 

"Absolutely wonderful day! Really enjoyed being artistic away from home. Great way to give a gift in mine & Andrew's new marriage & the meanings behind them are really beautiful and important. Thanks for a really great experience!" Amy, England

"What an excellent day I'm not going to stop grinning for a week and I know giving my carving to my Mum is going to be impossibly hard. Very Rewarding. Thank you Stephan." Toby, UK

"Hey - afraid to jump from planes? Try bone carving - it was a real thrill for me! Stephan is a superb teacher - I ended up with a great pair of earrings and memories of a wonderful day." Judy, Vancouver, BC, Canada

"I've had an absolutely great day! I wish I was around for longer to do some more... Thanks for all your help and patience. I'm quite amazed at what it turned out like. Thanks!" Tricia, Cork, Ireland

"Not sure anyone at home will believe I made this beautiful necklace! Thanks for an absolutely fantastic day and don't be surprised if I send a few friends/family to have a go!" Poppy

"Brilliant day. Never expected my useless scribbling could turn out to something so beautiful and well crafted. Thank you!" Chris, England

"I have really enjoyed today, what a wonderful experience for anyone, and the endresult is such a beautiful piece of art, history and tradition. Every piece different & unique and each piece a great way to celebrate and remember a great tradition. Thank you for your time and patience, knowledge & kindness. Keep passing on the gift!! Thank you." Lisbeth (Dorset, U.K.)

"How refreshing to meet an enthusiastic professional. Stephan you have a marvelous gift of combining perfectionism with relaxed style. Truly inspirational. I still can't believe what I've created from an old bone. Many thanks!" Andy, Weymouth, England

"Stephan, thank you for all your help and advice. I'm extremley pleased with my bone carving. It means so much to me that I made it myself! It's amazing to see the transformation from start to finish and I was somewhat surprised at how well it turned out. A great day in New Zealand! Thanks!" Linda, Canada

"What a fantastic thing to do! I've had a great time and now made something I can pass on. Brilliant! Never made anything like it. Thank you very much." Sue, England

"Thank you so much for an amazing day. It is definitely one of our highlights - such an unbelievable transformation!!! Fantastic, encouraging environment to learn in. Brilliant!!" Ed and Claire

"Wow! What a day! Thanks Stephan for your patient advice. I'm delighted with what I've made - a present for my girlfriend. I only wish I was staying longer so I could make more." Chris Hill, NZ

"A really enjoyable and rewarding day. The result is unbelievable. I didn't thinkI could produce such a good piece! Thanks for all the help and guidance through the day." Mark, UK

"I couldn't believe the outcome - sensational. That was the first thing I ever made with my hands. So cool! Thank you very much." Ariel, Jerusalem, Israel

"I've had an awesome day! I never thought that I would produce anything so good! The bone carving workshop is a great idea and well worth it. What you produce is unique and you can say 'I did that'!"
Rob, Bath, England

Come along make your own carving, experience the magic and the sense of achievement yourself and add a comment as well!